We started Kekova boat tours with our own staff on the grounds that our guesthouse in Kaleköy would make their holidays more colorful, and today we serve all our customers with the assurance of Normally, the reservation made by phone without seeing the boat disappoints the customer because the boat does not meet the desired standards. We try to do this professionally. It is possible to see the photos of the boat you will make a reservation by clicking the link above. For us, the customer is today's guest, tomorrow's friend. We wish you a good holiday.

Kekova Boat Tour
In Kekova region, you can enjoy the sea and calmness in different bays, as an unforgettable part of your holiday with Kekova boat tour. Kekova boat tours can be made for 2 hours, 3-4 hours, all day long or overnight.

2-Hour Kekova Boat Tour
It is a short tour. Departing from Üçağız (Kekova) harbor, Kaleköy and the sunken city see and a swimming break (60 minutes) at the shipyard bay. Return to Üçağız (Kekova) port.

3-4 Hours Kekova Boat Trip (Half-day boat trip)
Departing from Üçağız (Kekova) port, you can see the sunken city after the castle village. Our first stop on our half-day boat tour is shipyard bay. Our second stop is Aquarium Bay, and our third stop is at Saktutan Bay, where we take a swimming break. And return to Üçağız (Kekova) port.

Kekova Daily Boat Trip All Day (10:00 am – 17:00 pm)
It is possible to see many coves with this excursion during the day. Departure from Üçağız (Kekova) port. First, a swimming break is given at the aquarium bay and then at the shipyard bay. The sunken city, which had a great earthquake years ago, will fascinate you with its history. Of course, you can't come here and not see the pirate cave. We drop our anchor at the natural harbor of Gökkaya to eat the olive oil dishes and grills. You can enjoy swimming while meals are being prepared. After we get out of here, we will have to see the zodiac sheep. The difference in Burç Bay is that spring water comes from between the rocks. When you take a bucket of water and pour it on you , it will cure you from the heat and bring it to you . The other place we will see is Kale village. Docking the boat to the pier on the shore. You can start traveling. Finding yourself in this history, where many periods have come and gone, You can go up to the castle and inhale the smell of history and nature with its magnificent view. When you look from the castle, it is possible to see the king tomb in the water and the king tombs on the land. Don't forget to take a photo with this beautiful view behind you, and we would like to talk about the homemade ice cream made in this village. Don't go back to Ankh cafe without eating only 3 kinds of banana, peach and hazelnut ice creams made from real fruits since 1987, which do not contain any additives, you should definitely try them. After the castle village, which we were under the influence of, we take a swimming break at our last stop, the small islands bay, and turn towards Üçağız (Kekova) port.

Kekova Boat Tour with Overnight Accommodation
Spending your night on the boat in the quiet, peaceful and shining of the stars in the Kekova region will be an incredible experience if you have never done it before. If you have made a blue cruise, more things you can put on are waiting for you. While the region is known for being quiet, calm and peaceful, if we consider that daily boats leave the bays and return to the harbor, the silence is too much to predict, so only you, the sea, the fish and nature remain in the bay. Whether you take advantage of its nature, its calmness or its history, you will be fascinated. You can determine the route completely yourself, or let your captain take you to the best bays to make you happier. Our recommendation for the region is 3-day boarding tours. Or if you say we are very happy with our situation, you can do it on a weekly basis. As the days get longer, there will be more places to see.